Comcast to Upgrade Data Cap

Earlier this week Comcast announced that their long time standing 250 gigabyte data cap will increase to 300 gigabytes of data. Also instead of cutting off anyone that exceeds this cap twice in a six month period; they now plan to charge an overage charge of $10 per fifty gigabytes, very much like ones issued on a smartphone data plan. This is really good news to anyone who has trouble managing their data usage. Comcast is finally coming to a realization that streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora are using increasing amounts of data especially if utilizing the high-definition features site like this offer. One could say that after 4 years of letting the cap lay at 250 gigabytes that this increase was in fact a long time coming.

The Pirate Bay Offline May 2012 – Under DDoS Attack – Updated

The Pirate Bay occasionally goes offline for maintenance here and there but they are usually up within a few hours. Well, for about the past two days The Pirate Bay has been offline but not due to maintenance. The Pirate Bay is currently under a DDoS attack rendering the website unusable in certain parts of the world.

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Two New Phones Coming To Virgin Mobile – Updated

Virgin Mobile has been a great prepaid cellular provider for me over the past year. I have been using their Optimus V and after Cyanogen-mod and a few tweaks it has been working perfectly for me. Now, just after the announcement of the removal of grandfathered plans, Virgin is releasing two new phones into their prepaid market. The LG Optimus Elite and the HTC EVO V 3D.

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Virgin Mobile To Remove Grandfathered In Plan Rates

Virgin Mobile has announced that beginning on May 27th all new smartphones will be charged the current plan rates. Meaning that if you happened to sign up for service back before the rate hike a few months ago, and plan to upgrade your phone hurry up. You will be kicked out of your plan and be forced to pay the new higher rate.

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Setting Up Link2SD On The LG Optimus V

Using Link2SD on your LG Optimus V is a great idea! The phone doesn’t have a lot of internal memory to start with so using a secondary partition on your SD card and completely moving apps onto it is a great way to free up some space on your phone. I started with around 10MB free on my internal storage and once I set up Link2SD I now have over 100MB free!

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Link2SD – Free Up Space On Your Android Phone!

I don’t understand why but some phone manufactures just never seem to put enough internal space onto their phones. Yes, Android has Apps2SD build in but that still leaves behind many files on the internal memory that still consume your precious space. That’s why you should install the free app, Link2SD from the Google Android Play Market.

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The Pirate Bay Drones – Low Orbiting Server Stations

So on Tuesday, March 18, The Pirate Bay posted onto their blog about a new plan they have been thinking of. Now with the recent troubles the online community has been running into, TPB is considering moving their servers onto drone planes that would orbit the earth in a low path.

Below is the post from their blog:

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EA Origin Authentication Servers Down

Apparently Origin’s authentication servers are having some troubles. When trying to connect to some games or battlelog for example an authentication error is shown. Currently EA is aware of this and they are trying to fix the problem. They have been posting updates to their Twitter feed.


They are aware of the problem.


They are still working at it. 2PM CST


Sounds like everything’s back to normal!

These outages are nothing new. Origin is still a very new piece of software and with the recent release of more popular video games its use has grown to a point where many of these small qwerty and bugs are being found and they are becoming more and more annoying. The bloat y software still needs a lot of work.


Bookmark this page and check back later for updates.

Update: It looks like the issue has been resolved!

How to install DOS 6.11 and Windows 3.1 in VMWare

They may not be useful anymore but it is a great history lesson to go back and see what operating systems originally were. There are many ways to approach this old process but this video makes setting it all up in VMWare very easy.

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The Pirate Bay Changes Domain to .SE To Prevent Seizure

After the recent movements of anti-piracy organizations; The Pirate Bay has decided that it would be in its best interest to change from their .org domain to a .SE top level domain to prevent running the risk of having their domain seized.

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Free Internet Still Threatened

SOPA and PIPA may be indefinitely suspended, however the very day before this was announced, the popular online digital locker was completely removed from the entire World Wide Web. Not just DNS blocked, which is what SOPA would have done, but entirely removed. It is not a coincidence that just a day before the announcement of SOPA’s suspension that the federal government decided to do this. They planned this event to use Megaupload, a legitimate website with meaningful use to the online community, as an example to the world that with or without SOPA and PIPA that the government plans to censor the Internet and blacklist those who do not comply. I for one believe that the Internet is an international community and one nation does not have the right to affect this community. SOPA and PIPA were stopped due to a massive movement in opposition to the bills. The war for a free Internet has just begun though. The battle against SOPA was “won” but it was a pyrrhic victory. We need to stay united in this fight. The Internet is the greatest asset the world has to spread information. It must remain free, or it will only become a mass of censored garbage pushing large corporations’ agendas. The United States claims that Korea and Iran’s censorship is wrong yet they work to censor the Internet themselves. We must not let this happen.

Stream Your Media Library To Your Phone/TV/Computer

It seems like our media library grows in size every day, we find new songs and new artists. We also now have many mobile devices and media playing gadgets. Most of us probably just use iTunes or even just copy and paste out music onto on phones and mobile devices. The problem with this is that sometimes we can’t fit our entire music library onto our phones or maybe we forgot to add a song to our device and we want to listen to it. This can all be solved with a great free piece of software!

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SOPA Dead! Withdrawn By Creator Lamar Smith

After the recent showing of the Internet communities absolute hate towards SOPA; The original creator, Lamar Smith, has pulled the bill.

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Control Your Phone From Your PC – Android VNC Server

Although currently in beta this is one great app! I can 100% remotely control my phone. The phones display is transmitted to my computer screen and I can use my mouse and keyboard to interact with the phone in real time. Best part; it’s free!

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Feds Take Down Megaupload – Anonymous Takes Down Feds

Just today Megaupload was shutdown by the federal government due to copy-write infringements. Well, moments after the announcement of the termination of Megaupload Anonymous sprain into action.

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