Feed The Beast: Ultimate – Automatic Peat Farm

I’ve come to the conclusion that I just haven’t been producing as much video game content as I would like to. I play video games every day but I never share any of it with my readers. Well, to day that changes. Today I’m going to show you my little peat farm that I have setup to power some engines that I use to produce MJ.

FTB Peat Bog

Overall it quite a simple setup. I have a Peat Bog that keeps an area automatically farms. Once a block of bog earth is ready to be harvested, it does so and deposits it into the barrel I have next to the Turbary.

FTB Bog Recipie

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As you can see, the Peat bog is fairly easy to make. After making some electron tubes in a Thermionic Fabricator, all that is left is to craft them together with a circuit board to create the peat bog.


To operate, the Peat Bog needs a supply of Bog Earth. This bog earth is what the machine will plant once the matured peat has been harvested. Bog earth is relatively cheap. It is made from water, dirt, and sand. To automate this part I have an autocrafting table setup. It gets water from buckets in an adjacent chest. These buckets are kept full using a liquid transposer that is feed with a water supply. The sand it needs comes from a nearby tree farm with a backup supply coming from a pulverizer. The dirt itself is cycled back into the system as it is a byproduct when creating peat.

FTB Bog Earth

I then have the finished product, the peat, put into a barrel and then taken out at in interval and fed into some engines I have to power the farm itself as well as a few other forestry machines nearby. Overall it’s a great and efficient system!

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