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Clearly that’s not me… Maybe someday I’ll post an actual picture…

Hello, I’m Andy! (Well, actually Andrew but it seems people would just rather call me Andy…) I am a student in Illinois that has a very strong interest in technology. My main focus is computer networking, the Internet just fascinates me. Not just what we all see and use everyday but the backbones and hardware that keep it running. That’s the cool part.

I’ve been online for many years, publishing content on various websites and wasting my time YouTube… In the recent years I have been focusing on this website. A formal yet informational resource of technology news and information. Previously I’ve had a Blogger blog where I would, for the most part, post random junk that people didn’t care about. (Although I did have the occasional in depth review about a new gadget I received.)

The Internet to me is a giant resource. Yes, there are tons of forms of entertainment but what I value most in the Internet is the gigantic amount of knowledge. I love being able to teach myself new things everyday without having to bother anyone – it’s all online! I have recently taught myself a lot about the Linux operating system. So far – it’s great!

Well, that’s about it for who I am. Or at least all that I think is worthy of sharing. If you have any questions, head over to the contact us page and shoot me an email!

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