Check If Your Yahoo Account Was Hacked

As many of you probably already know Yahoo Voices was recently hacked with 450 thousand accounts compromised.After publishing the article I noticed that many of the people viewing the post were interested in find out if their accounts were one of the ones compromised.

I didn’t want to link to the text file with all of the passwords because the less that is circulated, hopefully the safer our account information will remain.

Instead I found a website that already has this file indexed along with hundreds of other password leaking incidents.

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Should I Change My password is a website that has indexed incidents like this and allows people to type in their emails and see if their account information has been leaked.

When you enter your email address it will tell if your account was hacked and if it was, it will tell you the most recent date your information was leaked on the Internet. If it shows a recent date, that most likely means your Yahoo Voices information was leaked.