Setting Up Link2SD On The LG Optimus V

Using Link2SD on your LG Optimus V is a great idea! The phone doesn’t have a lot of internal memory to start with so using a secondary partition on your SD card and completely moving apps onto it is a great way to free up some space on your phone. I started with around 10MB free on my internal storage and once I set up Link2SD I now have over 100MB free!

Just a note, I reccamend using a fast memory card. The higher the class the better. Especially when first turning on your phone. With all of these apps accessing a slower SD card your phone can become very slow unless you have a good SD card. You can get a 32GB Class 10 on Amazon for under $40 – it is well worth it.

O.K. So let’s get started!

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First Of All…

Your device must rooted and you will need a Windows Machine with Minitool Partition Wizard Pro Home Edition (Freeware). You may also use a live boot of Hiren to manage the SD cards partitions.

Step One

Boot into Hiren or your Windows computer. Make sure that your file browser is set to display hidden files and folders. This can be toggled by going to folder options, under the view tab.

Step Two

Insert your SD card into a reader and plug it into your computer. It is important that you use a card reader vs. plugging your phone into the computer. This is so that we can properly partition the card.

Step Three

Back up your SD card. Copy everything over into a folder on your local computer. You shouldn’t need to but it’s a good practice. These steps should not delete any files on the SD card but if you make a mistake it’s good to have something to fall back on.

Step Four

Install and run Partition Wizard Pro Home Edition. Look for your SD card along the bottom and find your FAT32 partition.

Right click on your SD cards partition and select “Move/Resize Partition”

Use the down arrow under the “Partition Size:” field to change the size of your main partition. Be sure that the free space is created AFTER the main partition. This will create free space for us to create a second partition. You will want to create a few gigs of free space depending on how large your SD card it. Be sure to at least make 1027 MB of free space.

Once the size of the free space after the main partition looks correct click OK.

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Step Five

Find the unallocated space on the drive map and right click on it. Choose “Create” – if you get a message about windows being stupid just click yes to continue.

Now choose an EX2 partition type and set the partition on a primary partition. You can name it what ever you want. Once you have these setting set, click OK, then click the Apply button of the main window. And click Yes on the next dialog.

Your SD card is now partitioned!

Step Six

Safely remove your SD card and put it back into your phone. Power on your phone and install Link2SD from the Android Market. Once installed run the application.

Select EXT2 as the partition type.

Now just follow any on-screen instructions from Link2SD and after a reboot your phone will be all set! You will be able to start moving apps over to your SD card using Link2SD!


You should now be all done! If you run into any problems or you found this guide useful please share it and let us know in the comments! Enjoy!