Virgin Mobile To Remove Grandfathered In Plan Rates

Virgin Mobile has announced that beginning on May 27th all new smartphones will be charged the current plan rates. Meaning that if you happened to sign up for service back before the rate hike a few months ago, and plan to upgrade your phone hurry up. You will be kicked out of your plan and be forced to pay the new higher rate.

Even with the rate hike and intended removal of grandfathered rates for swapped phones Virgin continues to be one of the most affordable value phone providers on the market, so don’t go grabbing the pitchforks and mob torches yet. This intended change is to help them stabilize cost and continue to provide good service.

Update: Just some clarification; it would appear that not everyone is being forced to these new rates. If you already had a smartphone and were on the $25 a month (or similar) plan prior to the rate hikes your plan will be grandfathered. It is not until you decide to upgrade your phone to one of their newer ones that you will be charged at the rate of the newer plans. Although there are some rate increases they are still well below some of the competition and offer a great alternative to a contract phone.