Ubuntu Mobile OS

The most commonly know about Linux distribution is now making a port of Android that will run a full blown Ubuntu environment on your smartphone giving you the best of both worlds. Features include being able to use your phone much as you do now but then being able to dock it and be presented with a full Ubuntu desktop environment. From the looks of it, we could start seeing this on smartphones as soon as 2014!

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This mobile version of Ubuntu is developed around the already well known Android operating system. I suppose that’s the amazing part of open soruce. People can take what you have developed and make it even more awesome. This clas of two of the best open source projects will be most certainly an awesome one.

The new Ubuntu phone should allow people to have powerful multi-core phones and use them as they normally would but then sit in front of a screen, dock their phone, and continue using it as a full desktop computer. Keeping contacts, photos, bookmarks, and more synced between your phone and desktop will now be even more easy considering your phone will be your desktop computer! Amazing!

ubuntu phone

If you are interested and want to lean more head over to Ubuntu’s website, they have some really cool pictures and information about this new operating system that they are developing. Read more about it on Ubuntu’s website! They have some neat pictures and more details as far as the new phone goes. They will also be pushing new information as well as possible releases dates as the product gets closer and closer to being ready for the picky consumer market! Hopefully people won’t think “Linux, now that’s going to be hard to use…”


Are you exited? I know I can’t wait! Linux is amazing, we have already seen the power of Android!