How To – Minecraft Portable Edition

Minecraft is a great game. No doubt about it. Now imagine you could play this great game where every you were? Sweet, right? Well following this guide you can install Minecraft to your USB flash drive and save you worlds to it as you go from computer to computer!

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 Alright, let’s get started…

Step One

Create a new folder on your flash drive called Minecraft

Step Two

Download or copy the Minecraft.exe executable to the Minecraft folder you just created.

Step Three

Create a folder called data inside of the Minecraft folder.

Step Four

Crate a batch file to launch the portable Minecraft. First open notepad from the start menu. Then type the following:

@echo off
echo Loading Minecraft...
Start "Minecraft" Minecraft.exe

Then go to File > Save As. Under file type select all files. Under file name, type play.bat – Use the image below to make sure you do this part correctly.

If you find this part complicated and it doesn’t work out for you, download this pre-made batch file. Click Here to download.

Step Five

Launch the game and login. Select to force update. After this you should be able to play Minecraft off your flash drive whenever you want! All of you worlds will save to the flash drive!

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