Greenify – Keep Background Android Apps Under Control

Android is a great operating system with so many powerful applications that expand its possibilities. The only downside to this large array of applications is that many of them are written in a way where they are always running in the background of your phone. As much as I like having the Facebook app on my phone, I don’t need to get notifications from it; that’s why I have email notifications setup. I don’t need to be notified twice from this app. This is why I use another app to manage things like Facebook and other apps that demand to be running in the background, consuming precious resources.

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The app that I use to keep my other apps under control is called Greenify. It is worth noting right off the bat that this app requires root access on your phone. But that’s super easy to get on most phones. With the app installed, you can launch it to adjust which applications you would like to be managed. By default, no applications are selected. You can click the little plus sign in the application to begin adding apps to the hibernation list.

greenify uiGreenify works by ‘hibernating’ applications that you have selected. For example, let’s say you choose to have Greenify manage the Facebook application. You will be able to launch Facebook normally, once you are done you may close the application and continue use of your phone as normal. After a period of phone inactivity, Greenify will kick in and begin hibernating applications that are not currently being used. This means that the Facebook application will be automatically stopped and you will no longer have to worry about it draining all of your battery and eating up your phone’s resources.


It’s really a wonderful app that helps my phone become much more usable. I am able to achieve a much longer battery life as well as keep my phone from getting slowed down due to background applications. I would highly recommend any root Android users to check out this awesome, FREE, app!

What’s your favorite app for keeping background applications under control?


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