VolumeDrive Down | August 2013


I have been using a VPS from VolumeDrive for quite some time now. To be honest, I don’t know why I still have it. I have reviewed VolumeDrive before and the review was mostly positive but it seems that all the trouble I am having just isn’t worth the price. For months now my server has been off and on for hours at a time. Their network also can turn to crap at times. Unfortunately today is much worse. For about the last 24 hours, no one has been able to access ANY of the VolumeDrive infrastructure. I cannot access my VPS (on node 12) or even their website. The worst part is, they haven’t said a word to any of their customers regarding the issue.

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There is a fairly interesting thread going on in the WebHostingTalk forums regarding this downtime. Many users are reporting that their services are down, but one user provides some interesting information. It is quite known that VolumeDrive leases space in a data center of a company called BurstNET. Well, a BurstNET representative made the following remarks in the thread on WHT.


I can tell you that they are not bankrupt and gone, but it is not my place to comment for them here. I wold assume you’ll hear from them soon enough. Maybe I can point them to this thread…

But moments later…

At this point, I take my statement back. I have no idea what is up with them. What I thought was going on, has not occurred, I have been told by our guys. I would expect this thread to get very interesting over the next 24 hours, as their drama unfolds.

Now this is quite worrisome. Hopefully the situation isn’t as bad and they are just having some trouble on their end. Either way, this will probably be the last straw for them. I have already moved most of the services off the VPS I have and there really is no point in paying $5 a month for a server that is almost never online.


Here’s another post from a BurstNET representative.

I can’t really say anything officially yet, but I will say this:

We plan on having a refugee sale real soon, for certain low priced companys clients!
Anyone that needs service quickly from what will develop in this thread, please contact us, and maybe we can reuse IPs potentially, if they were on our IPs at all.
We’re going to be staying up all night tonight building servers I have a feeling…


You can also see from a simple Twitter search that many people, from all over the world, can also not access VolumeDrive services.

Here’s a live update from Twitter:

I will do my best to find more information and update this post. I understand that some people may be using VolumeDrive for their mission critical services, well, I hope you learned that VolumeDrive is not the provide for such things…

UPDATE: More from the thread on WHT:

All I know is that they are no longer a BurstNET client as of tonight, and were up until earlier today. We are staring at 200-300 of their servers in our facility, and the rest are gone

There are plenty more posts just like them. BurstNET also mentions that, from their own ‘local contacts’, that VolumeDrive is moving all of their servers to another location. The issue is that BurstNET fears that they will not have the technical abilities to bring their servers and network online, or at least keep it online. I will post more information as I find it.

UPDATE: More scarey news. BurstNET states that VolumeDrive has tens of thousands of dollars unpaid and they will be sure to file a lawsuit against VolumeDrive. The BurstNET representative even said, “My kids could go to college on the amount of money he owes us.” On top of that, the company that leases the server to VolumeDrive will be wanting their money as well. It doesn’t sound good for VolumeDrive, there’s a good chance they won’t survive very much longer.




UPDATE 8/24/13 11PM CST: Well, it’s past the time VolumeDrive said their services would start to resume but, to no surprise, they website and servers remain offline. The drama also continues on the WHT thread. Few are also mentioning that the IP address routing is starting to update, so there is indeed progress being made. Hope is not lost.

UPDATE 6/25/13 10AM CST: VolumeDrive just posted another update to their Twitter account. Sounds like their network is indeed coming online and servers should be coming up soon.


UPDATE 2/25/13 1PM CST: VolumeDrive once again updated us via their Twitter account. The network tests have completed and they are starting to rack servers.


UPDATE 2/25/13 5PM CST: VolumeDrive’s website is online!

UPDATE 2/27/13 9AM CST: I just received the following email from VolumeDrive. It would also appear that some servers are starting to come online, unfortunately my VPS remains offline at the moment.

We appreciate your understanding during the lengthy migration process. Our new facility is operational and we are restoring services gradually. This new facility will allow us to provide better network performance compared to our previous location. This migration gives us the opportunity for added growth while maintaining our competitive pricing.

If you have any questions, concerns or requests for account credit, please contact our support department at [email protected]. Our support staff is busy bringing services back online, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE 2/28/13 1:30PM CST: VolumeDrive has posted the following update to their Twitter. Unfortunately, my VPS on node 12 remains offline.


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