Review of VolumeDrive VPS

I was in need of a reasonably priced VPS to run this website as well as a few others. In my search on the Internet for a decent provider I ran into many options. One of these options was They offer Virtual Private Servers at really good prices.

I am currently using the first VPS package on VolumeDrive.I get 50GB of HD space, 1GB RAM, 2TB Transfer, and a virtual CPU. All of this cost less than $5 a month!

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So far you can see they offer good service allocations for a cheap price. Now here is the important factor, how does the VPS perform in real life situations.

Well, the easiest way to answer that questions is to load this page and have a look for yourself. This website is run using an admin panel called kloxo which utilizes a LAMP server to run this WordPress blog.

The pages load nicely. The server runs this and many other sites just fine!

The network on the VPS is fast. I’ve reached speeds of 10MB/s on some downloads.

The admin interface for the VPS is nice, you can quickly reboot, reinstall, and do a few other things with your server instantly.

VolumeDrive itself seems to be a little old fashion. They don’t have a client portal, it would appear, so all customer support is done via email. This isn’t too bad. I had a pre-sales question and I got a response within¬† a few hours.

As far as set-up times. I’ve been with a few VPS providers and they have all been instant with their setups. VolumeDrive took just under 24 hours to set up. Which is what they stated it would take in an email I got after asking about their setup times.


This was fine with me. They didn’t start the billing cycle until the server was set up although I had to pay up front.


VolumeDrive has been great to me! I am even considering getting another VPS or even a dedicated server from them. I would highly recoomend their services to anyone in need of a cheap, reliable server.