GoDaddy DNS Taken Down – Thousands Of Sites Offline

As of this writing, September 10 2012, thousands of websites are currently offline. This is due to major Domain provider GoDaddy experiencing an attack on their name servers. This means that even if your website is hosted elsewhere but its domain is registered and hosted at GoDaddy it will be offline.

GoDaddy first confirms the outage at 10:35AM on their Twitter page:

A few hours later they update that they have already restored some services. Which services were restored they fail to mention. My domain using their DNS is still down at the time of the tweet…


As GoDaddy fights the outage a member of Anonymous takes credit for the attack on their Twitter page:

So it doesn’t sound like it was a “collective” Anonymous attack but just a member that had a grudge with GoDaddy and decided to attack them.

Although it was not the Anonymous “collective” – Anonymous did, sorta, show their support on their Twitter page:


The only thing I manage on GoDaddy is a domain that my friend has that I set up for him. I told him GoDaddy was not a wise choice but he insisted…

I’ll continue updating with any news I get and when my friends domain starts working again. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive quick updates!


Something else I would like to add:

I personally would never recommend GoDaddy. Especially with their recent interest in supporting SOPA. The only reason they pulled out was due to their sudden loss of customers.

This website is hosted on – They are a fairly new hosting company but they sure do a great job helping their customers with what they need and their servers don’t suffer from instant, sudden, unexpected outages… <cough>GoDaddy<cough>