How To Root The HTC Evo V For Virgin Mobile

Gaining root access on your Android device is one of the best things you can do. It unlocks an entire new world of apps and hacks you can run on your phone. Rooting your HTC Evo V 3D 4G is a fairly simple process. It’s not quite as easy as rooting the Optimus V but if you closely follow my instructions you will be file.

[notice]I am not responsible if you mess up and break your phone. If you run into problems, please leave a comment and I’ll try to help you resolve any issues.[/notice]

[warning]This will void your warranty and may wipe your phone. Be sure to backup all important data.[/warning]

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So lets get started!

What you will need:


Before We Begin

Note that there is a chance of your phone getting reset so be sure to backup all of your information such as contacts, apps, and your SD card.

After everything is backed up, install HTC sync.

Now extract Mini-sdk to c:\sdk-tools

Be sure that the path is correct. And the folder sdk-tools does not contain another folder called sdk-tools within it.

Next, copy the recovery file you should have downloaded into the sdk-tools folder. We are going to have to rename the file to recoery.img – To do this, go into control panel and fild the folder options. Under the View Tab un-check “Hide extensions for know file types. You will now be able to rename the file with the appropriate extension.

Now back on your phone go to your power settings and turn off fastboot. Next go into developer settings and enable USB debugging.

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On Your Computer…

Plug your phone into your computer. Them launch the command prompt on your computer and type int he following.
cd C:\sdk-tools
Then type
adb reboot bootloader
This should cause your phone to reboot into the bootloader. Once your phone is on it should say FASTBOOT USB. It should be highlighted in red.

Acquiring HTC Identifier

In the same command prompt from earlier type the following. Then copy and paste the output. Use the image below for reference.

Now that we have your identifier we need to head over to HTC’s website and get our unlock code. On the HTC site select other as your phone model and continue to through the path. Some of the instructions for obtaining the token may seem familiar, just skip that section.

You should receive an email from HTC with your unlock code inside. There will be an attachment on the email, save that attachment to c:\sdk-tools

Now go back to your command prompt and type the following:

fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

Press enter then go to your phone and use the volume buttons to highlight yes. Then press the power button to select yes and the phone will reboot. If your phone doesn’t reboot on its own after a few minutes simply pull the battery.

Once the phone reboots and starts up into Android, turn off the phone, and pull out the battery.


Put the battery back into the phone. Then press and hold the volume down button and the power button until you see the HTC logo.

Not you should be in the boot loader and it should say unlocked on the screen!

Time to root and install recovery!

Stay in the boot loader and plug your phone back into your computer. On the phone select fast boot and look for the red Fastboot USB. Wait a moment for your computer to connect to the phone. Once connected head back to your command prompt. Type in the following.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

It will now install the recovery. Once that’s done type the following into the command prompt.

fastboot boot recovery.img

Now the phone should be in recovery. While we are here we will take a backup. Use the onscreen prompts to create a backup of the phone.


This is a fairly painless process.

Navigate to the flash section of the recovery on the phone and flash the file we put on the sd card. Then reboot the phone and you will be rooted!


Now wasn’t that easy? If you got stuck or need help, please ask in the comments!
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