Hotmail Suffers Extra Long Outage – Microsoft Fails To Acknowledge Feb 2013

It’s one thing to have downtime. It happens to everyone, sometime something just goes wrong and fail and there is nothing you can do about it other than get to work and try to fix the problem. In addition it is your responsibility to keep users up to date as to why they can’t access their account and if any progress is being made. Well, Microsoft has failed at all of this. So far, as of 2-23-2013, I have been unable to access my Hotmail email account for three days. I know that I am not alone, if you go into the Windows Live support forums you can see hundreds of people with the same problem yet if you go to Microsoft’s status page all systems are said to be running normally. This is not only rude but it is unfair to not tell users that you messed up.

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Install CyanogenMod 10.1 onto HTC Evo V

The HTC Evo V is a great phone from Virgin Mobile but as an avid Android user, I always want more out of my devices. I’ve recently run Harmonia, a cleaned up stock based sense ROM. (Here’s my guide to root and install Harmonia) This was fun but I had noticed my phone randomly rebooting and I decided it was time for a new ROM. I’ve used CyanogenMod before on my LG Optimus V so I knew that it should be my goal to get it onto my Evo V. Since the Evo has been out for a while, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I did have to jump through quite a few hoops such as getting S-OFF and flashing back and forth between ROMs to finally be able to even flash the CyanogenMod ROM but after a days work I now have CyanogenMod 10.1 with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 running on my HTC Evo V from Virgin Mobile!

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How To Set A Video As A Screen Saver In Windows 7

The default screen savers that come with Windows 7 are alright but sometimes they just get old a repetitive. Now there aren’t too many ways that you can go about getting new screen savers but there is one method that is relatively easy to set up and allows you to set any video as a screen saver on your computer. We can accomplish this by using a free program from Microsoft called Windows Essentials Photo Gallery.

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Review of the Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Today we will be reviewing the Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse mouse. Equipped with 12 programmable buttons, wireless as well as wired abilities, and much more; this is one nice mouse. My only real concern is the interference from my Logitech EX100 Keyboard when I am using my G700 in wireless mode, but that’s just my old hardware conflicting with the new mouse… Anyway, keep reading for the full review!
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Apple Can’t Even Tell Time

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Apple has yet again made their crippled device even worse by failing to correctly configure their Do Not Disturb feature for the new year. What a surprise… That’s why I have an Android phone!

Aside from my personal preference, Apple did mess up. Turns out that their Do Not Disturb feature, which blocks calls at set times like late at night, is not correctly complying with the new year. You would think that something so basic would not get messed up so easily.

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Ubuntu Mobile OS

The most commonly know about Linux distribution is now making a port of Android that will run a full blown Ubuntu environment on your smartphone giving you the best of both worlds. Features include being able to use your phone much as you do now but then being able to dock it and be presented with a full Ubuntu desktop environment. From the looks of it, we could start seeing this on smartphones as soon as 2014!

This mobile version of Ubuntu is developed around the already well known Android operating system. I suppose that’s the amazing part of open soruce. People can take what you have developed and make it even more awesome. This clas of two of the best open source projects will be most certainly an awesome one.

The new Ubuntu phone should allow people to have powerful multi-core phones and use them as they normally would but then sit in front of a screen, dock their phone, and continue using it as a full desktop computer. Keeping contacts, photos, bookmarks, and more synced between your phone and desktop will now be even more easy considering your phone will be your desktop computer! Amazing!

ubuntu phone

If you are interested and want to lean more head over to Ubuntu’s website, they have some really cool pictures and information about this new operating system that they are developing. Read more about it on Ubuntu’s website! They have some neat pictures and more details as far as the new phone goes. They will also be pushing new information as well as possible releases dates as the product gets closer and closer to being ready for the picky consumer market! Hopefully people won’t think “Linux, now that’s going to be hard to use…”


Are you exited? I know I can’t wait! Linux is amazing, we have already seen the power of Android!


How to setup OpenVPN in a Debian 6 VPS

Sometimes, especially with all of the sales, you can gather quite a few extra VPS servers. Especially small ones that aren’t very good for large scale projects. This is why I decided to turn one of my low end VPS servers (that’s redundant, isn’t it…) into an openVPN server that I can use to securely access the Internet. This is especially helpful for on my Android phone when connecting to wireless hot spots. You never know who is looking at your traffic.

So let’s get started!

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How To Root The HTC Evo V For Virgin Mobile

Gaining root access on your Android device is one of the best things you can do. It unlocks an entire new world of apps and hacks you can run on your phone. Rooting your HTC Evo V 3D 4G is a fairly simple process. It’s not quite as easy as rooting the Optimus V but if you closely follow my instructions you will be file.

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Three Free Domain Name Providers

Free Domain name as are great. Although I wouldn’t necessarily use them for an important website due to the chance that they may not be here tomorrow but they are great for testing and small non critical web sites. Below is a list that I compiled of my top five free domain name providers.
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How to set up a McMyAdmin Minecraft server on a VPS

Minecraft is awesome. There is no doubt about it. Some of us may have been hosting a server for our friends from our home computers. This is great but eventually you either get tired of having your computer on or just want something with a faster Internet connection. To fix this annoyance you can rent a VPS. A Virtual Private Server is a server that you pay a monthly fee to use and you can run it 24/7. If you look around you can usually find some good deals. Check out – I just found a 2GB VPS, which is perfect for a small Minecraft server, for just about $2.50 a month!

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Yesterday, 11-13-12, I noticed that some of my websites were not working. At first I thought it was a server issue but it turns out something is going on with my domain registrar, Their main page is not loading and none of their domains are mapping out as well. It is hard to find any reliable information as to what exactly is going on.

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Google Search Background Images Going Away

I myself am one amongst the many that use a custom background for their Google homepage. I have used the same one for more than 5 years and I like it quite a bit. Google has just started displaying a notice that on November 16, 2012 they will be doing away with the background images to create a more “streamlined” search engine. Ohh great….

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OCZ Agility 3 SSD Review & Benchmarks

An SSD is always an improvement for a computer. It provides extremely fast storage the can most efficiently be used for the computers Operating System. It allows the system to boot to the desktop very quickly and allows the user to launch programs like Photoshop, that would normally take a few seconds on a conventional hard drive, but on an SSD they launch just about instantly. Recently I picked up an OCZ 120GB Agility 3 Series SSD from I was able to get the 120GB version for just $60. It was really a great day. Now here is my full review and all my benchmarks.

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Install Origin Games To A Different Location

Now with many people using solid state hard drives or their game library may just be outgrowing their primary hard drive they need to be able to install their games to a second hard drive, a different location with more space. With Steam you have to use a program that creates a virtual link to the games new location. Now with Origin it’s actually easier, but only if you’re installing a new game.

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The Pirate Bay Offline October 2012

Today, October 1st 2012, has been offline. Many say that this is due to a raid by Swedish police. Others say that it was a simple power failure on The Pirate Bay’s side. Both TorrentFreak and The Pirate Bay’s Facebook page have confirmed what is really going on.

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