Install Origin Games To A Different Location

Now with many people using solid state hard drives or their game library may just be outgrowing their primary hard drive they need to be able to install their games to a second hard drive, a different location with more space. With Steam you have to use a program that creates a virtual link to the games new location. Now with Origin it’s actually easier, but only if you’re installing a new game.

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To install your Origin game to a different location the game must first not be installed on your computer. Before you install the game go into the Origin client application settings under the origin menu and change the “Download Games” field. This will change where all new games are now installed to without moving any existing games to this new location. This is very useful if you only want a few of your most played games on your SSD for example. It’s also nice if your main hard drive is starting to run out of space.

Now just of EA could clean up Origin a bit more, make it more reliable and user friendly, Steam may (haha) have some competition on the PC gaming industry.