Domain Registrar Offline – November 2012

Yesterday, 11-13-12, I noticed that some of my websites were not working. At first I thought it was a server issue but it turns out something is going on with my domain registrar, Their main page is not loading and none of their domains are mapping out as well. It is hard to find any reliable information as to what exactly is going on.

A Google search turns up many people wondering the same exact thing, what is going on with their domains? From my research it sounds like discontinued allowing registration of new domains a few days/weeks ago. But aside from that little bit, it is hard to find more information.

I will keep this post updated if I find out any more information. This just shows you that it’s worth the <~$10 a year for an actual domain name. But for all your small projects I did find a few more free domain registrars. There is which I have been using for years and highly recommend. Then there are these two new ones that I just discovered today. and