Dec 03 2011

Installing a Custom Operating System on an LG Optimus V with Cyanogenmod

This guide works with the latest version of Cyanogen! (March 14, 2012)

The LG Optimus V is a great smartphone by its own right, but me being the tinkerer that I am, I decided to change the stock Operating System of mine into something a little bit more powerful

Here are the steps I followed


**These are the steps that worked for me. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage you do to your computer or phone if you choose to do this.  These Steps only work for the LG Optimus V**

Also Note this will void any warranty on your device.

First you need to root your phone

-Make sure USB Debugging is enabled to do this, go to settings, then click applications, then development. Then make sure USB debugging is checked.

Android USB Debugging

Android USB Debugging

Then make sure that you can install apps from unknown sources this allows you to install the app that will root your phone. This can be done by hitting settings applications and checking the unknown sources box.

Android Unknown Sources

Enable Unknown Sources In Application Settings

Now you need to download the gingerbreak app which can be found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1044765 Be sure to get the latest update as of the date this article was written it is 1.2

Go ahead and in stall the app then click root device.


Gingerbreak Root Device

Your phone should reboot and have the app “superuser” installed in the app drawer. Your device is now rooted.

Now To Install The New Operating System!

Now you need to go to the android market and search for an app called “ROM Manager” produced by clockwork mod. Install that app and hit flash clockwork recovery. Make sure to hit Optimus V for the confirmation

Flash ClockworkMod Recovery

Flash ClockworkMod Recovery

Now you need to find a new ROM to install. I recommend one found here https://sites.google.com/site/bobzhomeroms/vm670



You will also need Google apps or you will not have access to your phone or the android market. That can be found here: http://goo-inside.me/gapps/gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip

Place both files on your SD card, not in any folders. Leave them in their .zip form.

Now boot into recovery mode. To do this from a powered down state, hold the power, home, and volume down buttons at the same time until you see a LG logo.

Using the volume buttons as controls, navigate to “backup and restore” and select it using the camera button. Select backup and let that run.

Now hit wipe cache and let that run. Then hit advance and wipe “dalvik cache.”

Then under “mounts and storage” click to format SYSTEM DATA and CACHE.

Then using the back arrow navigate to the first page of recovery mode and click on” install zip from sd card” and choose “zip from sd card.”

Scroll down till you see the file of the ROM you put onto your SD card, not the gapps ROM, but the one you selected earlier. Select it.

Confirm and then do the same for gapps.zip.

Now reboot your phone and follow the set-up guide and enjoy your freshly rooted and customized phone!


If you need any help at all – please ask in the comments!



  • Nathan

    when I try to boot into recovery, the buttons do not work right, and I can’t select things, similar to the way they are in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky4cYQnC08U&feature=g-hist I can’t select anything, and when I try to install a custom ROM through the ROM manager app, all of the ROMs I use have failed. Please help, I’ve been trying to root my phone and it’s driving me crazy!!!

  • Mycroft

    Hi, I’m getting stuck on a step – when using the Clockwork Mod to “Flash Clockworkmod Recovery” it doesn’t list my phone, just the “LGE Optimus M+” instead of the Optimus V. I know the base is the same, they’re all Optimus One that’s modified to work on various carriers (the V is for Virgin Mobile, M is for Metro PCS), but I don’t know if this makes a significant enough difference that I’d be unable to make/receive calls or use my data network. If I was sure there was a step to undo this I’d try it anyway, but for now I’m too nervous to try.

    • Hi, Although it should say Optimus V, you should be able to continue with it saying Optimus M+.

  • Andrewbathauer1414

    it gets stuck on the android with the green fire spinning around it

    •  Under mounts and storage did you format SYSTEM,  DATA and CACHE? Most often the free is due to not all three of these being formatted.

      • Eric

        hey im having a similar problem but I am not able to select anything at the reboot menu. it wont go past the greenflames and my computer recognizes it when its plugged in but it cant read anything….help

  • I really appreciate this post.