Try Windows Phone on Android and iPhone

Microsoft has it’s new mobile operating system, 7.5 (Mango). I myself was a little interested to see what it was like so I am sure that many others would benefit from giving it a test drive.

Well, Microsoft has made this very easy! All you have to do is go to in your mobile devices browser and you will be able to use a test version of the system. So far this HTML5 demonstration worked just fine on my LG Optimus V Android phone using Dolphin Browser HD.

It’s actually very neat to see the new interface. It is a very lively, constantly updating interface that just might someday get Microsoft somewhere. I’m not sure now much of a threat it will be considering how new it is and how weak the app market place is but with time and effort from Microsoft there may be hope to a more promising device. At least for now though, I will continue to enjoy my Android phone.