Remap Android Hardware Buttons

Due to the recent installation of some custom Android firmware onto my LG Optimus V, the voice search button just above the camera button no longer did anything. Now this bothered me. I searched and searched and was able to find this application that someone made on xda developers for rooted Android phones. It allows you to easily change the button configuration of your phone! I set the un-used button to act as a play/pause button, its been wonderful!

You can take a look at the forum post to download the app.

Once downloaded and installed you will be able to see all of the buttons available to remap.



ButtonRemapper - List of avalible hardware buttons to remap.

Once you find the button you would like to change just tap on it and select its new action! Below is a list of the different things you can make each button do.

[sam id=”3″ codes=”true”]

    • Power


    • Home


    • Menu


    • Back


    • Search


    • Volume Up


    • Volume Down


    • Camera


    • Focus


    • Endcall


    • Call


    • Media Play Pause


    • Media Stop


    • Media Next


    • Media Previous


    • Media Rewind


    • Media Fast Forward


    • Dpad Center


    • Dpad Up