Send texts and manage your Android phone from a web browser

A lot of people spend most of their time on their computer. They have a cell phone and when they need to contact someone they have to unlock their phone, open the messaging app, select a contact, and type out a message on the small keyboard. Well with this cool app you can do all this through the web browser on your computer.

This app is called AirDroid and it is a free download from the Android Market. Once downloaded and installed you will be able to launch the free app and log in to your phone through a web browser on the same local network as you phone. So if you are at home and both of the devices are on the same local network, wired or wireless, this will work!

Upon launch you will see a screen with an web address. Type this into your web browser on your computer. On your computer you will be prompted to type in a password. Type in the password you see on your Android phone.

Now you will be logged into your phone and can control many features on it. You can do things like send text messages, install apps, browse files, view your contacts, access the clipboard on your phone, view music and pictures, and more! That is what makes this app so amazing. All of these common things that you would normally just do on your phone can now be done more efficiently from your computer’s web browser!

Head over to the Android Market to download your copy of AirDroid.