Speed Test An Android Phone’s SD Card

Sometimes you may be interested in seeing just how fast your phones SD card is preforming. Or maybe you just bought a new SD card that’s rated at class 12 or something and you want to see if it is actually operating at those speeds. Well, there is a simple app that will do this for you.

This app is called SD Tools.  It allows you to run a quick speed test of your phone’s memory card and give you its average read and write speeds. The other great part is that this is currently a free app in the Android Market!

SD Tools Speed Testing

Now some might ask, “why would you want to speed test an SD card?” There are actually quite a few reasons why you might want to do this. First off, this is a great way to see if your phone’s SD card is causing a bottle neck on your device. This can especially be seen if you use a program like Link2SD or Apps2SD which stores applications and runs them from your phones SD card. If your have a slow SD card, a faster one may help.

Another benefit would be to check what class of SD card you have and make sure it matches what the vendor advertised it as. If you paid the money for a high end class 10 SD card (which I recommend that you do) but you are seeing the speeds of a class two SD card, than you know to return your SD card and purchase a newer one from a more reputable vendor.

Another, maybe not as useful, cool thing that you can do is submit your benchmarks to the Internet and compare the speeds of your SD card to others around the world. Not everyone may find this interesting but it’s sort of neat to see how your hardware compared to others. Though these benchmark submissions you can also see how different manufactures market their SD cards and how a class 10 SD card from one provider may be one speed but the same class 10 card at another provider might be a completely different speed. Just looking though these benchmarks may also help you in the purchase of a new SD card for your phone.

There are many uses for speed testing the SD on your phone. What are the reasons you want to check the speed of your SD card? How fast is your current one? Let me know, in always interested!