Monitor And Control DD-WRT Internet Access From Any Android Device

DD-WRT is amazing. Android is amazing. Combine the two and you get an awesome app that allows you to remotely monitor and view the Internet access on your network, WRTGate from the Google Play market allows users to connect to their router and view live graphs of all the devices on their network that are currently accessing the Internet. It also provides the ability to toggle Internet access for each one of these devices with the tap of a button. It’s a very useful app.

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Now there are a few things that you have to do on your dd-wrt router before you will be able to use this app.Let’s get started!


First we need to enable SSH access so that the app can log in and collect the necessary information. To do this log into your DD-WRT router’s administrative interface via a web browser and navigate to the services tab. Under the services tab we are going to need to enable telnet. Then we need to also enable all of the ssh access options. After configuration your screen should look something like this.


Once the settings are correct, click save save and then apply settings. Now download the WRTGate app onto your Android device.Once downloaded, launch the app and under the menu, there will be a preferences selection. Here you can configure the app to connect to your router. Your settings should look very similar to this.


Router Address: The IP address of your router

SSH Port: Leave at 22

SSH Login Name: root

SSH Password: Your router’s web configuration password


After this one time configuration, you should be able to see the current status of the Internet usage on your network! Enjoy!

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