HTC Evo V 3D: First Impressions

I just get myself a HTC Evo V 3D. All I have to say is that it’s AMAZING compared to my previous LG Optimus V. Even with custom firmware the Optimus V just didn’t come close in performance with its 600MHz ARM6 processor compared to the Dual Core 1.2 GHZ processor in the Evo V. Everything is just so responsive. No more waiting minutes just for the silly phone to unlock… (Yes, I’ve had to deal with that before…)

The phone is not only ever so much powerful than the Optimus V but it looks cool. It has a nice textured back and feels great in your hand. The screen is large, bright, and vibrant. You can no longer relate pre-paid phones to a crappy flip phone.

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Just something I quickly noticed in my first impressions, the 3D camera isn’t anything to brag about. I wasn’t expecting it to be… Yea, it’s 3D but it’s an odd 3D, sort of like those cards where you can angle them differently and the image moves… But hey, I bought it for the speed; not the silly camera.

Also, the 4G and call quality have been great!

These were my first impressions off the top of me head. I don’t want to go into too much detail. I’ll have a full review out here on TechnologyPlusBlog in a few days. I also plan to ROOT/ROM this phone once I can. I’ll also post that to this site so you may want to book mark or follow us on Twitter @TechPlusBlog