Automatically Switch Default Printers Between Different Networks

Many of us, especially those with laptop computers, travel often. Whether it be traveling between your home and office or your home and school we often need to print something to the printer on the local network. Now until now this meant having to select a different printer from a drop down box every time you wanted to print in a different location other than your main network. Now with Windows 7 we can automate the task of setting your default printer depending on which network you are connected to.

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Things to note:

  • You need Windows 7
  • This does not work in Windows 7 Home Edition
  • You need a Laptop

To get stared setting up your printers to change default as you change from network to network in Windows 7 you will need to head over to Devices and Printers. This can be found in your start menu.

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Once in Devices and Printers click on Manage default printers. Here you will be able to change to the option to change your default printer whenever you change networks.

Use the drop down boxes and match the correct printer to the correct network and click add. Do this for all of your printers. You are also able to set up an offline printer. For example. A PDF document creator.

Once done confirm your settings and apply them. Now as your computer disconnects and connects to different networks your default printers will automatically change!